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"An organisation cannot outperform the collective effectiveness of its leadership.”

Anderson and Adams (2019)

Disruption. Stabilisation. Innovation. Expansion. Growth....The challenges facing leaders are relentless.

As experienced Occupational Psychologist and Management Consultants, we have a unique and expert understanding of how people behave, teams perform and organisations function.


We use our expertise, insight and experience to create leadership solutions to enable your organisation to transform, compete, optimise and succeed.

Our solutions

Known for our high-quality services, we draw from leading academic and practitioner research to develop rigorous evidence-based solutions for our clients.  We have the privilege of partnering with established and emerging organisations across private, public and not-for-profit sectors across the globe, delivering work which is tailored to address their business needs.


Supported by an exceptional Associate network with diverse professional experience across Occupational Psychology, Positive Psychology, Executive Coaching, Learning & Development, Business Transformation, Mediation, Legal, Finance and Mediation, we carefully bring in the appropriate expertise to deliver impactful solutions.


Not only are we all experts in the practice of leadership, but we are also an inquisitive and curious bunch, who take great interest in the people and systems around us. Passionate about optimising potential, we determinedly serve our clients and each other.   

By objectively evaluating leader attributes and experiences within the context of the anticipated strategic challenges and the specific capability requirements of the role, we accelerate time to impact.




Our bespoke leadership team effectiveness programmes are carefully crafted to target the unique strategic issues facing your Board, Executive and Leadership teams. We equip your teams to robustly respond to real-time and emergent challenges, by confidently capitalising on their cognitive diversity, inherent capability and collective potential.

Mediation is “a voluntary process whereby parties to a dispute are assisted by a neutral third party to negotiate a settlement”. For businesses in dispute, mediation is a timely, cost effective, confidential, equitable process which provides protection against costs. We provide innovative, compliant and leading-edge solutions, using the innovative on-line platform "Talk Terms - CCODR".

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