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Not only does executive coaching “enable executives to perform better in their leadership roles” (Moen and Allgood, 2009), but more strikingly, in the first ever systematic literature review to be conducted in the field, Athanasopoulou & Dopson (2018) identified over 70 positive workplace outcomes associated with the approach. With “86% of companies reporting that they recouped their investment on executive coaching and more” (ICF, 2019), executive coaching is commonly viewed by companies as a cost-effective, accessible and impactful intervention.


By identifying inhibitors and enablers of growth, our accredited Executive Coaches enable clients who are new to leadership or stepping up into a more senior leadership role, to:


  • Lead authentically with purpose and impact

  • Apply personal and positional power appropriately

  • Navigate internal politics and the corporate hierarchies successfully

  • Understand the complexities of organisational systems

  • Effectively lead through change and transition

  • Proactively transition and progress in their career

  • Reverse burnout by building capacity and resilience

  • Inspire, enable and develop others

  • Balance the tension between work and home life

  • Drive high performance within remote and in situ teams



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