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By objectively evaluating leader attributes and experiences within the context of the anticipated strategic challenges and the specific capability requirements of the role, we accelerate time to impact.

In our digitally connected age, the demand for impactful and motivated executives with reasoned judgement, strategic acumen and excellent leadership ability has accelerated.
Getting the right the person in the right role is critical to the success of the business. To mitigate the risk of a leader being unproductively disruptive, overconfident, territorial, disempowering, micro-managing, or unable to influence and bring people with them, our chartered Occupational Psychologists scope, design and deliver bespoke assessment solutions to recruit, develop and prepare leaders for new and changing roles.

Why we do it

Whether it is for individualised assessment, executive team, Board capability or competence assessment, our psychologists use a tailored combination of validated and benchmarked personality, behaviours and capability psychometric measures, 360 feedback services and innovative assessment activities (including biographical interviews, situational judgement questionnaires and assessment centres), to diligently assess each candidate.

Often used for recruitment, promotion, succession planning and talent development, our leadership assessments are also regularly combined with on-going executive coaching, a leadership development programme, career planning or as part of our leadership team development programme.

Our Occupational Psychologists provide an in-depth and rigorous analysis of the candidate‘s current impact and opportunities for strategic development, within the context of their role and operational system. Written by business psychologists, our profile report dives deep – explaining how the individual: thinks, influences and leads; approaches their work; aligns with the established or emerging organisational culture; and, importantly, acts under stress and pressure.

What we do


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