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Why we do it

Research evidence confirms that coaches with an academic background in psychology are more effective at facilitating greater increases in their client’s self-awareness and job performance than those coaches without such a background (Bozer, Sarros and Santora, 2014).

This key research emphasises the importance of working with a coach whose background is solidly grounded in behavioural science (Grant and O’Connor, 2019). Such enhanced expertise and practice creates materially different client outcomes (Passmore, Stopford and Lai, 2018)”.  







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What we do

How we do it

To stimulate goal-orientated behavioural change, our innovative and impactful four-phased coaching approach  amalgamates empirically tested academic research from expert thought leaders in the fields of Organisational Psychology, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Systems Theory, with a range of learning methodologies (such as experiential learning, reflective practice and home working) to stimulate goal-orientated behavioural change.


By creating a learning dynamic based on psychological safety, trust, choice, autonomy and thoughtful challenge, we support our client’s align their learning and development journey with relevant workplace practices and strategic objectives.


As a result, we incubate and enable personal growth.

Your bespoke Coaching Programme will be underpinned by our 4 foundational key elements:

Compatibility and Contracting

Empirical research has identified "the quality of the relationship between the coachee and the coach” as a primary success factor. Therefore, this initial compatibility session is undertaken to ensure rapport and fit between you and your proposed Executive Coach.

Exploration and Implementation


To better understand your leadership impact, current reality, ambitions, strengths, drivers, motivations, blockers, limitations, development areas etc, we use a variety of profiling tools (such as personality, resilience, values, leadership inventories) as well as 360-feedback to accurately profile your areas of strength, as well as capability and development opportunities.

We take the view that you are the expert of your own legacy and context. As such, your Executive Coach will work alongside and in partnership with you, supporting, prodding, challenging and guiding, as you explore and resolve your existing, as well as emerging, leadership challenges

Closing Out

Taking place towards the end of your coaching engagement, you will have the opportunity to reflect on, evaluate and embrace your personal and professional development throughout the duration of the Programme, as well identify new goals for continued personal learning and growth.

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