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As one of only a few recognised Psychologist Executive Coaches globally, Michelle specialises in enabling leaders at all organisational levels to further develop their strategic thinking, psychological flexibility, resilience, influencing ability, sense of authority and ability to effectively apply institutional and personal power. 


As a behaviour change specialist, Michelle’s coaching sessions are carefully balanced between exploratory and action-led. She uses a blend of systemic, cognitive and somatic techniques to support clients to better understand the “core of self”. In tandem, Michelle proactively enables them to unlock their human capability, capacity and mindset by utilising their innate intellectual, physical and intuitive strengths. As a result, clients most often report feeling connected, energised and purposeful, with a renewed confidence in their ability to drive tangible personal and commercial results.


As a team coach, Michelle works with ExCo and senior leadership teams to build engagement and rapport, establish or restore trust, improve collaboration, develop and embed authentic team brands and cultures and create wellbeing practices for resilience. Her focus is on creating psychological safety and high-quality relationships to achieve these aims. Clients value her insightfulness, warmth, inclusivity, responsiveness and courage. 


  • Professional Doctorate in Occupational and Business Psychology (2019). Thesis: Enhancing self-confidence through executive coaching.

  • Associate Fellow British Psychological Society (BPS)

  • Chartered Member of the BPS

  • M.Sc. Occupational Psychology 

  • B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology  

  • Accredited Executive Coach (ICF) 

  • Diploma in Executive Coaching (AoEC)

  • Accreciated Systemic Team Coach (AoEC)

  • Qualified Mediator (MNI) 

  • Clinical practitioner of Hypnosis 

  • Accredited practitioner of ACT 

  • Diploma in NLP 

  • Certificate in Systemic Team Coaching (AoEC)

  • Qualified administrator of BPS Level A & B

  • Registered practitioner of Psychological Profiling tools, including: Leadership Versatility Inventory, 360; Hogan Leadership Profiling Series; Savile WAVE; OPQ; MBTI; KAI; 16PF; and Mental Toughness Questionnaire (MTQ48).


Michelle is also an Editorial Board member of the prestigious academic journal Cogent Psychology. In recognition of her experience and contribution to the field of Occupational and Business Psychology, Michelle was recently awarded the professional title of AFBPsP. 


Michelle is also a Director on a Charitable Board

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